Research Conference 2021

Technology has greatly impacted the way we communicate in this century. This has also affected how students learn languages and has made us question and explore new methods of teaching them. Indeed, because of the ongoing pandemic, we have heavily relied on technology to carry out our work as teachers and, in doing so, we have also put under scrutiny our own teaching methods. This conference explores current research conducted in the field of language teaching, learning and use, in the Southern Hemisphere. The purpose of the conference is to exchange knowledge about what is currently happening in this hemisphere’s classrooms, especially in the light of the use of the Internet as a generalized communicative practice, and the inclusion of remote teaching and learning considering both its benefits and possible drawbacks. In addition to this, this conference highlights the relevance of countries from this hemisphere, which have often been overlooked, treated as rather peripheral to paradigms of research and practice originating in the Northern Hemisphere. Finally, this instance is an opportunity to examine the relation between languages that are taught and learned in this hemisphere and the actual linguistic praxis: their status, relevance, mutual influence, and interaction. This way, this conference may allow us to deconstruct mainstream knowledge and redefine the identity of both language teachers and learners.